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So, you want a button for your blog?  Well, Don’t ask me, I have to search for help and even then with step by step action I’m still clueless. It takes me forever, but I did finally manage to create a few buttons.   I went to and uploaded a blank button image that I got from downloadable files on this post   I found the info on this post very helpful in making my button.

I found picmonkey to be easy to use.  I then saved my button to my desktop and inserted it in this post, that way I’ll always have it should I need it for link-ups etc.

I also found this link helpful since I have a wordpress blog

I have not created a grab box (so  others can grab for their blog etc.) for my button at this point, so need to work on that for the future.  I believe the info on either of the above links would help me do that, I’m just not ready for that today.  I’ll do a follow-up post, once I’ve gotten to that point and let you know how it went.

For now, I just needed a button that I could use for a link-up I’m planning to participate in for a 31 Day blog series beginning October 1.  This is hosted by Nesting Place, a blog I discovered a couple of years ago and fell in love with.  Here is a link to her blog that explains the 31 day series.  Maybe you’ll want to participate too.

If you google “how to create a blog button”  or some such text, you will find lots of helpful resources, the two above are just the one’s that I happened to land on and they both had helpful tips.  Also, in the link to Nesting Place, if you read through the comments there are some helpful tips from readers about buttons.

Buttoned up in Grace,


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