My October

The wind sifts through the trees, harmonizing with the trill of a bird, not yet gone south.  The nearby creek thunders through the woods with a mighty roar.  October leaves dance, swaying from green to gold,  dipping into amber and orange, blazing fire red against a scrap of blue sky that hovers just above the stately mountains. The sun warms the crisp air and I sigh contentedly from my perch on the porch rocker knowing that at last My October has arrived.

3 thoughts on “My October

  1. Thanks, Sue! It brings back fond memories of our trips to Fairhaven. Let me know what you think about the heart book – It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be.


  2. I feel contented just reading this…Thanks! Sue…PS I bought “the heart book” & got it in the mail yesterday.


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