The Book Hutch That Found Me

Sometimes I like to go into Arhaus Furniture and browse.  And dream. And drool.  I usually don’t consider that I can do more than dream because well, if you’ve ever been to Arhaus you know how expensive they are.  But, I love their style.

A few months back I walked in just to browse.  This book hutch beckoned me and I stood there in a gap-mouthed, drool dripping stupor and fell in love.  With a book hutch.  Appropriate for a book lover.  After all, a good book lover will always give their books a stylish home.

It was fifty percent off, on clearance.  Sigh.  Could I?  Not really, still too rich for my blood.  The sales clerk took my number and said “I’ll call you if it looks like it’s going to sell.”  Ok.  I left pretty sure my heart was broken by a book hutch that lured me into it’s spell.

A few days later a message on my phone….”Due to some slight damage and because it’s discontinued the book hutch has been marked down again, you can purchase it for—this is a 75% savings off the suggested retail.

Heart flutters… palpations…panting….Could it be true?  Was it possible that I could actually touch the dream?  I knew the perfect spot in The Little House where the hutch would go.  I could see it.

Talk with Mr. Piano.  Explain to him how it is such a good deal, an investment really, a once in a lifetime purchase.  The damage was minimal, not structural at all – a drawer that was easily fixed and a hairline crack in the reclaimed wood that only added to it’s charm.  We could do this.

Call the sales clerk, make the arrangements for a mover that would take it the 2.5 hours to The Little House without it costing me my arm, or leg, or both.  He was very reasonable. Clinch the deal.

The book hutch has settled in quite nicely in it’s new home and little by little it  has filled with much loved books.  I walk by and catch my breath at such beauty, at such audacity and I tremble that it chose me.

It could have left me alone, but instead it spoke my language and asked to be the keeper of all my storied dreams.  Being found is such sweet rapture!

I am forever indebted.

Go in Grace


6 thoughts on “The Book Hutch That Found Me

  1. How sweet to have found each other! When I went to Dan’s home for the first time I felt so drawn to his wonderful built in bookshelves on both sides of his fireplace. Practically empty except for a few photos. We got married and lived in my home and tried to sell his (it didn’t). It was a couple of years before we decided to move in to his home–now ours. Needless to say the bookcases are filled to the brim with my books. I’d say it was a good match…a man with a bookself and no bookx and a woman with no bookself and a tons of books!


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