chatting in the car with my sister

I had an opportunity recently to chat with my sister. In the car. While traveling down interstate 64.  Well, she did nap for a portion of the trip, but that’s ok. Apparently spending time in KY makes one tired. But we chatted. And it was good.   We didn’t discuss anything breathtakingly profound, just chatted.  You know, how sisters and friends (of which she is both) do when they get together.  They just chat about everything and nothing.

She flew in from Dallas on a Tuesday evening for a quick visit with the parents.  We were her designated chauffer service.  And literally, my time with her was mostly in the car.  We drove her to destination A to meet the brother, where we all chatted in the parking lot of a certain sports store for a little while (the brother had to stock up on ammunition for his redneck ways which is another story), then on Friday we made the round trip to pick her up and take her back to the airport (this was the part of the journey in which she took a little nap; Until we were almost run down by a semi and I yelled and she woke up).

I always enjoy time with my sister.  I don’t get to see her on a regular basis and to be honest I don’t call her as often as I should.  But when we do see each other we chat.  We are real with one another.  And that makes for a good relationship.  Quality time with those you love cannot be measured in terms of location; it is measured in time well spent.  Even time chatting in the car can be memorable.  And hey, if that’s the only way I get to see my sister, I’ll take it.

Maybe it’s time to take a drive with your sister, or someone you love. Just to chat.


my brother and sister back in the day

Go in Grace,


One thought on “chatting in the car with my sister

  1. I really enjoyed this post. It described something special that I have with some precious people…and my only sibling…my sister too. Thanks for the reminder.


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