Lessons Learned From Influential Women In My LIfe

There are several women who have been influential in my life and I wanted to honor them by making a list of the things I learned from them.

From my mother, I have learned that…
1. I should be myself and not worry what others think of me
2. it is ok to play with paper dolls when you are an adult
3. dreams and using your imagination are essential
4. I need to love the people in my life unconditionally no matter what
5. it is important to speak the truth and stand my ground
6. it is ok to defend yourself (like kicking boys who try to kiss you when you tell them not to)
7. helping others is a way to help ourselves
8. even in our deepest hurt there is balm
9 forgiveness takes courage and grace and is its own reward
10. there is joy in embracing the woman that God designed me to be.

From my mother-in-law, I have learned that…
1. perseverance is important
2. you can be friends with your mother-in-law
3. good husbands come from good mothers
4. our attitude is what colors our world
5. you don’t want to be taken to the apple tree for a talk
6. Christmas is for kids of all ages
7. time spent in the swing or on the back porch is time well spent
8. deer and birds are worth watching
9. family sticks by each other no matter what
10. love conquers all

From my sister, I have learned that…
1.  Life is an adventure to be enjoyed
2.  Fear is conquered by doing
3.  Making friends is necessary
4.  Dancing is good for the soul.
5.  Your work should be something you love
6.  Wordplay keeps your mind sharp
7.  You should vacuum only when absolutely necessary
8.  Affirmations get more results than anger
9.  You can’t allow anyone else to define who you are
10. Sometimes you need to retreat from the world

From my maternal grandmother, I learned that…
1. it is ok to eat crackers in bed
2. I should love everybody the same, but make everyone feel like they are the most important person in my life
3. prayer is powerful and sometimes it takes a long time to name every family member
4. life is fun and it’s ok to stop in the middle of a busy day and play
5. no matter how many things you have to keep up with they will all get done.
6. going to church is important
7. feather beds are comforting, but hugs are even better
8. family stories should be carried to the next generation
9. opening your home to others is a privilege
10. children are to be heard as well as seen

From my paternal grandmother, I learned that…
1. sometimes you just need to stay on top of the hill and mind your own business
2. being quiet is graceful and sometimes necessary
3. taking care of your family is more important than other “stuff”
4. you should always take time for a good book
5. you always provide for your guest and make no apologies for that provision
6. keeping notes for the future helps you look back and appreciate what you have been given
7. snow gives you time to hibernate and retreat for replenishment
8. husbands are the head of the house even when they let us do things our way
9. keeping the peace is more important than proving points
10. quilts tell their own stories and bring comfort

From my aunt Nancy, I learned that…
1. we all need a safe haven from the world
2. life is too short to worry about the small stuff
3. music is made in your heart and played loudly on an accordion
4. it’s ok to try new things, like painting a room bright orange, or learning all the words to “Harper Valley PTA”
5. it’s ok to talk freely without fear of being judged and to let others do the same
6. dreaming out loud helps you plan for your future
7. sometimes it’s ok to break the “rules” if nobody gets hurt
8. falling in love is wonderful when you listen to your heart
9. sharing special moments with others makes them even more special
10. in our hearts we never really lose those we love


Gracefully learning from others,


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