99 boxes of junk on the floor, no rain, much rain and cellulitis – it’s all downhill from here. Literally.

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” ― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

We are moved into the Little House and most of our 99 boxes are unpacked.  Actually, my sister thinks there were 99 boxes, I’m pretty sure there were only about 60 and some of them were really small and some were crates for things that will stay somewhat packed due to storage.  This is the stuff that was moved in late June.  If you calculate the stuff that was already here, then 99 boxes may be more accurate.  Anyway, sis B, don’t make fun of my 99 boxes.  It only took me 28 years to accumulate this junk bounty.

Did I mention that it was really hot on the day we moved?  So thankful for our moving guys – they are used to this, I’m not, and they did a super duper job.  Here’s a little link if you need a moving company http://www.alocalvan.com/

Anyway back to the heat.  It was hot and humid and very dry.  We hadn’t had rain for weeks.  The week we moved was the hottest week of the season thus far.  That seems to be our new trend.  Moving on the hottest day.  We used to move at Thanksgiving.  Much more pleasant, but it seems we now move on hot days.  We spent about 6 or 7 hot days unpacking and arranging and rearranging.  Finally we ran out of storage and had to hide a few things under and behind stuff until we figure out a more permanent arrangement.  We really need an extra room.  Ha! As if.  Can’t even get the Bub to come fix my steps, let alone build me another room. He is super talented, therefore very busy and his other customers pay him more than I do. I think. But I digress.

guitars hiding behind couch

We finally got to slow down a little and staying up until midnight was due to having internet again, or reading rather than unpacking.   Then in week two or three the rain began.  Due to the unpacking we hadn’t really checked out our yard much or the drain by the kitchen door.  Yep, it flooded in the kitchen and our utility room – both side doors let in rain.  So for one day it felt like we were moving again – we had to move a heavy piece of furniture and mop and well you get the picture.  We were thankful for the rain though. And it did provide an opportunity to reorganize some things and get rid of a couple more boxes.  We have had rain most days since and lots of lightening.  I’m pretty sure we have caught up on rain by now.  Thanks to Dad, we have not had any more flooding – he cleaned out the drain for us because he is just nice that way and he gets bored without any projects to work on.  And, I think he thought we probably didn’t know how.  Maybe.

Dad resting on moving day; not sure why he was so tired, the movers did all the work 🙂

And the cellulitis you ask?  After that really hot week, I developed what appeared to be heat rash on my legs – it didn’t go away – I kept waiting.  It almost went away, but then came back with a vengeance and had lots of red around it.  After three weeks, I decided it was something more than heat rash and I should probably get it checked.  So, now there is cellulitis involved and I’m taking antibiotics and hoping it shows signs of improvement by Friday.  I blame this on a weakened immune system due to the pneumonia putting me through the wringer last year.  So, one of my missions will be to build up the immune system and concentrate on being healthy.  I googled cellulitis – scared me a little – not treating it is not good.  So, I’m glad I finally called a local Doctor.

Like I said it’s all downhill from here.  Literally.  Did I mention that our house is crooked.  Yep.  We have also had to be creative with furniture arrangement due to this.  It is a good little house and structurally sound, it is just an old house that has settled and some spots have settled at a higher elevation than others.  I love my little crooked house and I know it is going to teach me lots of lessons.

So, yeah, after unpacking 99 60  50ish boxes, hiding from the heat, enjoying the rain, and rearranging furniture boxes, seeing my new local doctor (how embarrassing that my first visit is for a rash), and learning to live on the downhill slope, I’d say it is all downhill from here.  I’ve Got this! God’s got this!  We’re settling into a simpler rhythm, looking with new eyes, splashing colors and reconnecting with friends and family.  It almost feels like we never left.

Splashing in Grace,


4 thoughts on “99 boxes of junk on the floor, no rain, much rain and cellulitis – it’s all downhill from here. Literally.

  1. You are a great WORDSMITH in writing this piece! I moved a lot when I was a kid, but we were like rabbits just circling around in the South End of Louisville as my Dad was somehow able to buy an old house, fix it up and then sell it for a little profit. When I married we lived in two apartments for less than five years, then bought a house where we raised our three children and in which I still live.


    1. We lived in several houses in the same county when I was a kid. Rocky and I have lived in several counties in a few states – I have a canvass with all of our addresses hanging on one of my walls in our Flemingsburg house. I titled it “The Road Less Traveled”. Of course now, I’m an address behind since we have moved yet again. 🙂


  2. Sis B checking in. I like what you’ve done. And I must say one more thing: If there were not 99 boxes, then some of those boxes must have been big! What about all the Oxford Garden boxes? Those count. Now would be a good time to mention that a person wouldn’t have 55, 60, or 90 boxes if she didn’t have a serious table addiction. Let me see… Four or five tables inside and about three outside? Yep. If you have so many tables, then you naturally accumulate gazoogles of boxes of stuff to put on them.


    1. Four outside if you count the two little end tables for holding drinks when setting outside. Some things are in our DNA, apparently in our family an addiction to tables is one such thing. 🙂


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