Days 6 and 7 – Sheltered In His Truth

“I feel the touch of hands so kind and tender, they’re leading me in paths that I must trod; I have no fear, when Jesus walks beside me, for I’m sheltered in the arms of God.”  –Dottie Rambo

In Friday’s post, I said Our writing must come from truth. Truth can only rise to the surface when we get down in the trenches of our life and own it. Sometimes I like to look the other way as if by doing so I can somehow re-write the truth into a more acceptable story.  

I was reminded recently that no matter how unacceptable the truth is to me I have to trod the path I’ve been given.  I won’t go into details of the specific situation as it is not entirely my story to tell and it is only secondary to the lesson learned, but it threw me into a tailspin of doubt, second guessing and much wailing.

I went for a walk to help gain perspective and thankfully, I had the walking trail pretty much to myself, because a grown woman walking, wailing and talking out loud would probably have been a cause for concern.

What I realized is that I had to step back and look at my path objectively.  In other words, get myself out of the way.  I had to give up all control; I had to be willing to totally change direction if that was what God asked of me.  I had to face the truth of the situation and my role.  Honestly, I’m still not clear of my exact role.

What I am clear about is this:  I have to Rest in Him, wait on Him, trust Him and listen for His truth.   Even though the path ahead may be hard and there is much that is uncertain, I know that Jesus walks beside me. 

He knows all things.  All I need to know is to listen to him.  Today that is my truth.  He can weave the words much more beautifully than I can.

“He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall by thy shield and buckler.”  Psalm 91:4

Sheltered in Grace,


PS – You have figured out by now haven’t  you, that even though this is a 31 Day journey of writing about writing, it is also a journey of self-discovery.  Because, only when we are willing to discover can we truly write.  Stay with me?

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