Just Dive

Note: the following post was written in response to Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog.  The word for today was Dive.  The assignment?  Write for five minutes without editing on the chosen word.  Read my five minutes worth below and then, Pop on over to read other entries and to check out the complete assignment directions if you’d like to join in.


To dive takes great courage.  It is not for the trepid.  And you have to be willing to swim in the deep before you can dive.  If you’re only treading shallow water, then diving is quite risky.  However, if you’re not afraid of the deep, then the dive can be quite exciting and worthwhile.  Diving does not have to be beautiful.   Of course, you need to stop, look and listen before you dive off the deep end.  It is important to make sure that you are in position and ready for the dive.  Otherwise you will just be a splash in the pool, so to speak.  There is much good you can do by diving in if you are willing to let go of your inhibitions and follow the direction of your heart.  Too many of us stick to the shallow end of living because we are afraid to plunge the depths for all the treasures life has to offer.  You only live once so make it count.  And, if you don’t know how to swim?  Wear a life jacket, but whatever you do – Just Dive!

Source: Public Domain, Library of Congress, via http://www.topendsports.com

Diving in Grace,



5 thoughts on “Just Dive

  1. “…plunge the depths for all the treasures life has to offer.” I am visiting from FMF. I love the analogy. The treasures life has to offer are found in diving the depths. I also like “Diving doesn’t have to be beautiful.” So often, we shrink back because we don’t think our form is beautiful enough. You challenge to “Just Dive” is great.


    1. Thanks, Cheryl, for stopping by – I’m heading over to your blog as soon as I hit publish! This is the first FMF I’ve done – it is rather fun and challenging. I think there is probably a message for me in this just diving metaphor – usually quick writing produces what has been marinating on the back burner of my soul and gives me food for thought.


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