Favorite Memories – 31:1

Almost anything can trigger a memory. Today’s list is a compilation of some of my favorite memories and the things that trigger them.

1.  The smell of honeysuckle always reminds me of my childhood church.  Honeysuckle grew along the fence in the side yard and on those warm summer evenings, we’d run over after service and pull out the stamen and eat the nectar.  It was heavenly.

2.   When I see green apples, I’m reminded of the times in the late summer just before the apples on the tree across the road were ripe, we’d eat them all green with lips puckered and eyes squinted from the sour.  We didn’t care that we might end up with a stomach ache.

3. The smell of rain in the air reminds me of being a child and standing on the front porch, with pure abandonment, watching a storm roll in . Even now, I love a good thunderstorm (unless it’s a scary tornadic type storm).

4.  Hearing a UK (University of Kentucky) basketball game on the radio reminds me of time spent at my paternal grandparents house with my cousin.  My Grandfather would go to the Bahama’s on a mission trip every January and my cousin and I would “babysit” grandma.  My cousin would listen to UK games and she and Grandma would work a puzzle and I’d read. It was a cozy evening in the kitchen.

5.  Eating saltine crackers reminds me of staying with my maternal grandmother.  We’d pile up in the feather bed with books and crackers.  She’d try to stay awake, but usually fell asleep while I was reading.  I’d try my best to make her stay awake with me, but she kept dozing.

6.  When someone mentions Kentucky author, Jesse Stuart I remember my Mother’s joy the day she got to meet him.  We knew some people, who sort of knew him and we took a drive to meet them, and they drove us right up to Jesse Stuart’s front door.  He came out on the porch and chatted with us and told my mother she had a twinkle in her eye.

7.  The smell of Aqua Net (does anybody still use this stuff?) Hairspray or Dial soap will trigger memories of summer church camp.  I loved church camp.  I literally grew up at camp.  From the time I was a baby until about age 20 or 21 I was involved in church camp.  My mother “worked” Youth camp and took me as a child.  We lived on the campgrounds as caretakers two different times when I was younger and I went to Youth camp every summer when I was old enough.  Then, when I was older I’d stay in a camper with one of my friends at Adult camp.  I remember the girls dormitory always smelled like soap and hairspray.  It was the seventies.  I rarely wear hairspray these days; however, I do use soap.

8.  The smell of fresh cut hay brings back memories of hayrides through the countryside.  A good hayride signals that fall has officially arrived.  The air is crisp and the colors are vibrant.  There is new found energy.


Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.

Teresa (aka Sadie Grace)

7 thoughts on “Favorite Memories – 31:1

  1. Hi Teresa,
    I enjoyed walking down memory lane with you. Love the lyrical quality of your writing. It is like reading poetry in prose form.
    It seems we did many similar things growing up. I also “sipped” the honeysuckle in the fence row when we hoed tobacco. It tasted and smelled so good! I always enjoyed a storm and loved being lulled to sleep by the rain cascading off our tin roof. Jesse was one of my favorite authors growing up, and I just recently got to visit his home place in W-Hollow. It was a thrill like no other!
    By the way, I spent my first eight years in Fleming Co., and I think our dads knew each other. I think they worked together at Randall Textron, if my memory serves me correctly.
    Looking forward to the next post!


    1. Are you Tracy,s sister? Tracy and I were in the same class. I remember being in school with him at Mt. Carmel. I also remember being at your house one time with my dad – I waited in the truck for him – he stopped to see your dad about something. I think he may have dome some electrical wiring for him, or maybe did his taxes. His name is Lowell Tackett and he worked at Randall Textron for many, many years. I was trying to figure out who you were and wondered if you were from around here. You may know my husband’s family too, He is from Tollesboro – He remembers Tracy.
      You too, seem to have a poetic style – “rain cascading off our tin roof” I love rain on a tin roof. Glad you enjoyed the post. I am hoping to write every day this month.


      1. Yes! I bust my suspenders when people ask if I’m related to Tracy. He’s such a good fellow and a fabulous musician, and I’m so proud to be his little sis. I had forgotten that you all went to school together at Mt. Carmel.

        I loved that community and the little red schoolhouse. I’m sad when I drive through there now and see all the changes. It’s been 40+ years since we lived there, but I don’t like the passage of time messing with my happy memories. Why must things change? Grrrrrr . . . But of course they must, as life was never meant to be static. Unlike Mr. Wolfe, however, I think you can go home again, at least in your heart. That’s really where home lives anyway.

        I saw some photos of Mr. Tackett on your site. I think he came and installed a stove for Dad once. Say “hello” for me. Dad always spoke so well of him.

        Rocky was ahead of me in school, so I really didn’t know him that well, but I did graduate with Tammy and Ronny. I always enjoyed Tammy–she was such a sweet person, and I remember Ron being a fun-loving, mischievous guy. They were all fantastic musicians themselves!

        Sorry to blab on for so long! I fancy myself a writer and actually prefer writing to talking. It’s fantastic to find someone from my beloved NE Kentucky who also likes to write! Till next time. Shawna


        1. I never mind long blabs, I tend to do that myself! I find I usually express myself better in writing. I know what you mean about Mt Carmel school – I used to imagine buying it and turning it into a home. I love decorating about as much as writing. I’m glad you stop by.


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