Favorite Scripture(s) I – 31:6

Psalm 5, 3-4

It is hard for me to pin point my favorite scripture.  I have many favorites for various situations.  It also seems silly to pick a favorite because all scripture is God-breathed and should be an inspiration to us.

One of the reasons I am excited to share favorite passages of scripture with you on Sundays is that I don’t have to narrow it down to one.  I am curious to see what scriptures I will share with you each week.

Today’s comes from Psalms, and in fact, many of them could very well come from the Psalms.  I find great comfort in the Psalms when I am troubled or weary.  This particular verse has  significance from two different occasions in my life.  I will share the first with you today.

It was June of 2007.  We had made the decision for my husband to attend Seminary to pursue a D.M.A in Piano Performance.  Our house was for sale and had been on the market for a while.  I was becoming discouraged.  During this time I had just started reading through the psalms.  On the evening of June 21, I was reading Psalm 5.  When I got to verse 3, the words really sank in.  In the morning, O Lord, you will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.

I underlined the verse and made it my prayer.  I put all the stress of selling the house in God’s hands and just simply said to Him, In the morning I will wait for you.

The next day we received an offer on our house!  That was a goose-bump moment. I wrote a note in the margin beside the verse I’d underlined – “God is faithful”.  And he is.  So Faithful.  He prepared me the night before by directing me to this passage and then he faithfully answered my prayer the next morning. It increased my faith and taught me a lesson I knew in Theory, but sometimes struggled to practice.

God always has a plan.  We just need to remember that it is His plan and eagerly watch.   Now that my husband has graduated with his D.M.A. and we find ourselves in transition while he searches for a job,  I need this reminder that God is faithful. He always has a plan. In the morning I will order my prayer to Him and eagerly watch. Tonight, I will rest knowing that he has the future covered and in His time it will be made known.

Update on 10/8/13 – I am linking up here with other Bloggers sharing Sacro Speco (Sacred Space).  Thanks to Sarah from All Manner of Inspiration for hosting. You can also check out her 31 Day series here.  She too is writing about favorites.  A great topic!

Eagerly watching in grace,


3 thoughts on “Favorite Scripture(s) I – 31:6

  1. What a wonderful verse – and I love the artful photo you displayed it on! Thanks so much for linking up with Sacro Speco – I’m honored! 🙂 I am writing this verse in my prayer journal, and using it in my prayer time – thank you!


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