Favorite Colors – 31:15

She Paints with many colored brooms…. e.d.

I can’t have just one favorite color.  I have a few.  When I was in school blue was everybody’s favorite color so I chose yellow because I wanted to be different.  Turns out yellow is not my favorite color.  Blue is.  Two shades to be exact. And about fifty shades of white.  And orange.  Yep. Orange.

1.  Cobalt Blue – this is my kitchen accent color.  kitchen bottlesI even have a cobalt blue chalkboard wall in my kitchen

croppedIf you look at the ceiling in the adjoining room you will see my other favorite shade of blue.

2.  A light aqua / Tiffany shade of blue.  I have a room ceiling and two closets painted this shade.  My front Porch ceiling is also in this family.


3.  Creamy whites. I also love Whites for decorating.  I drool over mostly white rooms.  Several of my interior rooms are painted Bleached Linen by Behr, but mixed in a Valspar paint.

cropped.workroom.This is the workroom before we moved in.  It had such possibilities.  I could show you a picture of how it looks now, but….well, we’ll save that for another day.

4.  Orange is also a favorite color.  It is my happy color.  It is a color that my sister and I have in common (we call ourselves sister orange, or is it orange sister?).  I don’t decorate with orange, although I did see a killer laundry room once with an orange ceiling and it was mentally filed for future consideration. It is from Mary Anne Smiley Interiors. In her collection of closets and utility rooms it is numbers 12, 13 and 14. Love it!  All her spaces are beautiful.

There you have it – a few of my favorite colors.  I also love the show of color that autumn puts on – especially those hot pink melting into red fire colored leaves. You know the one’s I’m talking about:

cropped.redtree.I hope you are splashing in color today.  Leave a comment and tell me your favorite color, or two, or three.

Splashing in grace,


4 thoughts on “Favorite Colors – 31:15

  1. I have a “tome” I printed off the Internet about colored light–of course I can’t find it when I want it, but when I do I’ll send you the link. Know what you mean about these little old houses. Ours was built in 1891 and is so limited on storage. People back then surely didn’t have as much stuff as we do today, or something? I find as quick as something new come in, I have to get rid of something else just to keep up some semblance of a balance. It is hard because my spouse is a techie and is always buying new electronics.


  2. That cobalt blue is so beautiful it must have come straight from Heaven. My favorite color is Shaker blue, but I’ve only really seen it in the buildings at Shaker Village. Have tried to get Lowe’s to mix it, but it just doesn’t come out looking the same. Your rooms are gorgeous! Love the chalkboard and the stained glass piece in front of the window. You must get all those colors streaming in when the sun is on that side. I read a good bit on alternative medicine, and there are purported health benefits of regular exposure to colored light. S.


    1. The colors are beautiful when the sun streams through the window. Right now it is in front of a different window facing the porch so I don’t get as much streaming. You should see the workroom now! I see a much needed organizing day in my future. I love the little house we are in, but it is crowded, so I am having to be creative with storage. Some days I lose the battle! The chalkboard wall was an inspiration form a magazine picture – she had a whole wall in her kitchen painted in chalkboard paint. I decided to try it on one wall and I love it. Shaker blue is a beautiful color – I love the shaker colors and style. I am curious about the health benefits of colored light – I may need to do some research!


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