Favorite Healthy Snack (Three Ways) – 31:23

I love to snack.  I am a nibbler.  I love sweet.  I love salty.  I love crunchy.  I love creamy.  You get the point.  But, there is always a but, I need to eat healthy.  How does a snacky nibbler who loves sweet and creamy, salty and crunchy good stuff satisfy the urge to snack without sabotaging a healthy diet?


I’ll tell you.  We call it Rocky’s Concoction.  We came up with it when he was diagnosed as a diabetic a few years ago.  He needed a snack that would not raise his blood sugar, so we combined some of his favorite elements.  I do mine a little differently, actually a couple of differently’s,  so you are going to get one snack, three ways. This is a way to get a little crunchy, creamy and sweet together with a little chocolate.  Did I forget to mention chocolate earlier?  Forgive me.  Chocolate is always necessary. Especially for snacky nibblers.

1.  Combine peanut butter (we use all natural), walnuts, almonds, and a few semi-sweet chocolate chips in a cup and stir.  You can also add in cheerios.  He doesn’t always include the almonds or the cheerios. He used to do a few unsalted pretzels, but they are basically flour laden, so we quit adding those.

2.  Combine walnuts, chocolate chips, raisins and cheerios in a cup.  Shake to combine and enjoy.  I don’t always do the cheerios and sometimes I leave out the raisins.  Even though raisins are natural, they do add a little extra sugar.

3.  Or, combine peanut butter, sliced banana, walnuts and the chocolate chips and warm in the microwave for 10 – 15 seconds, stir, then enjoy.  Bananas too can add a little more sugar than you may want on a regular basis.  I think this may be my favorite version.

Note – combining in a cup, does not necessarily mean you should eat a cupful.  A little goes a long way.  The walnuts are filling – they are also a good source of fiber and omega 3 fats. I did not tell you how much of each item to include, that is up to your discretion based on nutrition labels and your dietary needs. As with any recipe, if you are diabetic or have other health issues, check with you doctor for approval if you’re not sure.

This may not be a 100% perfect snack, but it does satisfy a craving for something to munch while watching TV and the semi-sweet chocolate chips give a little indulgence.  We have jars on our counter for walnuts, chocolate chips and raisins, so they are always ready when a snack attack hits.

Don’t tell anybody, but I have been known to add marshmallows which I think makes them no longer on the healthy snack list. So be careful!

Nibbling in Grace,

Teresa (Sadie Grace)

5 thoughts on “Favorite Healthy Snack (Three Ways) – 31:23

  1. I’m getting hungry just reading this. All three ways sound great. This would be perfect for an elderly friend of mine who is severely diabetic but so loves sweets.


    1. Diabetics probably need to leave out the raisins, bananas and marshmallows. 🙂 Also, keep in mind that the choc. chips do add some sugar, so maybe just enough for the flavor. Most peanut butter usually has a little sugar as well. But overall the combo that Rocky does didn’t seem to sabotage his sugar and it gave his sweet tooth a little treat.


  2. Thanks, Teresa! I like to throw in some dried cranberries! You have to check to make sure extra sugar hasn’t been added. Do you add the marshmallows to the 3rd mix? I think the miniature marshmallows would melt very nicely!


    1. The cranberries sound wonderful – I’ll have to try those. I have done the Marshmallows (miniature works great) with and without the bananas. If you do them with the peanut butter and chocolate chips it makes them like smores – I have used crumbled graham crackers too in place of the nuts, but now we’re getting into less healthy territory :).
      This snack (#1) was a lifesaver for Rocky when he really needed to watch his sugar intake – he could indulge without overdoing and the protein from the nuts helped balance the sugar from the choc. chips.


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