Favorite Season – 31:24


Fall. Y’all.  I’m an Autumn girl for sure.

These are Just a few of my favorite things of fall:

1.  Cooler temperatures

2.  The splash of fall color



















3.  Hot Apple Cider

4.  The smell of Cinnamon

5.  A pot of soup simmering on the stove

6.  White Pumpkins









7.  My October

8.  Curling up all cozy with a favorite book

9.  Bringing out the quilts

Beth's Quilt









10.  The satisfying crunch of leaves under foot

11. Shades of Indigo

What about you.  What is your favorite season and why?  What are your fall favorites?

Falling into Grace,

Teresa (Sadie Grace)



5 thoughts on “Favorite Season – 31:24

  1. I think fall is my favorite time of year too Teresa. I love spring as well but there is just something about fall that makes me so happy. I love the cooler weather and wearing warm clothes. I adore anything pumpkin. I love back to school stuff and football games and hot chocolate. Even though I enjoy coffee all year long, it is especially good this time of year. Fall festivals and holidays are my favorites!
    I have really enjoyed your blog this month.


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you left a comment. I noticed the other day where you started following the blog – I appreciate that. Have you started a blog yet? I would love to visit if you have. I love to write but I don’t do it often enough. Which is one of the reasons I join in on the 31 Day challenge to keep me motivated. I love back to school stuff too! Every year when everyone is making their back to school purchases, I’m a little bit sad that I no longer teach. Then, I get over it! 🙂


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