Favorite Revisited IV – 31:28


The 31 Day writing challenge is almost over.  I have been late a few days, but so far I have posted everyday.  This was a good discipline for me.  It has also been good for me to evaluate the things I consider favorites.  I have many more favorites that I will not have time for during these final few days, so I may have to do a regular favorites post once in a while.

In considering the things that are my favorites, it has also helped with gratefulness. Somehow, writing down things you love makes you realize just how much you have for which to be thankful.  I am blessed.

This weeks re-visit was a drive up and down winding county roads to look at the bounty of the season.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I love the fall color and taking drives, destination unknown.   Yesterday, Rocky planned a little drive for us, to an area we had never been before, to enjoy the changing leaves.  I took lots of pictures.  I was even inspired to write a little poem that I posted on my facebook status.  It is also on my poetry blog, Orange Comma. If you want to check it out click here.

Pictures say it best:


PM.collage.2 PM.2





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