Favorite Book (one of) – 31:30

For me to say I have a favorite book would be like asking Imelda Marcos to choose a favorite pair of shoes.  Although, I don’t think I have quite as many books as she did shoes, nor, do I think you can compare my love of books with her love of shoes.  I think the motives behind the love are different.  Still, you must get the point.  I could never have just one favorite book.

Some of  my books in the book hutch that found me
Some of my books in the book hutch that found me

I love books, and given cash to shop I would more than likely spend the money on books rather than shoes.  Shoes wear out and go out of style.  Books are timeless.  A good book transcends time and is relevant throughout the ages.

This would be where I would now list a very classic book that has been around since forever, proving it’s timelessness, that all great literary persons have read and recommend.  Except, I am not.  The book I have chosen to talk about today would be considered shallow by a lot of book lovers.

It’s a romance novel; one of the few books I’ve read more than once, or even twice and will probably read again at some point in the future.  I love all manner of books. And if you browse my shelves you will notice everything – children’s, classics, novels, self-help, organization, home decor, hymn books, Bibles, bible commentaries, inspirational, devotional, spiritual growth, humor, history, poetry….Some of the books would be profound and some would be fluff.  I have a pretty wide range of interests. But, I have always loved a good romance.

I grew up reading Grace Livingston Hill and Emilie Loring Romance novels.  There were very few books that were mom-approved for my reading list.  Harlequin romance novels were off-limits, although I have read a few in my time.  My mom considered them not fit for my teenage mind.  I think some of them had a few bad words and too much kissing.

As I have gotten older the romance novel has interested me less, unless it is very well-written.  Which is why I think I still like some of the Emilie Loring books.  Even though they can be cliche, she still has somewhat of a classic style.  She has good description and she occasionally quotes snippets of classic poems, showing that she was well-read.  There is of course somewhat of a formula to romance novels, which is to be expected, but I think that was part of the attraction.  They provided a chance to escape for a while.  I could get lost in someone else’s life and imagine my life a little different, if just for awhile.

My favorite Emilie Loring book is Forsaking All Others.  It is about a young and upcoming stage actress who has become the guardian of her young nephew and for the sake of his health must give up her career and move to a better climate.  There is also a very young doctor who needs a wife to protect his reputation in a very gossipy dessert town. Throw in the older, mutual friend, who thinks marriage between the two would solve both their problems and you have the basic plot for a marriage of convenience that might just turn into real love.  Sappy, I know.  What can I say.  But there you have it. One of my favorite all time romance novels is Forsaking All Others.

A few months ago, I decided I needed to find a hardback copy of this book.  I found a first edition library copy at a reasonable price, so purchased it.  When it arrived I read the book again.  It did not disappoint. It now sits in the book hutch that found me waiting patiently to be loved again.


My book hutch now, with a few more books than the first picture.   Notice the copy of Shakespeare on the top shelf?
My book hutch now, with a few more books than the first picture. Notice the copy of Shakespeare on the top shelf?  I have other shelves of books too.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite romance book?  A favorite any book?  You can click here for more about my reading habits.

Reading in grace,

Teresa (Sadie Grace)

5 thoughts on “Favorite Book (one of) – 31:30

  1. I love your books, especially the first editions. 🙂 I also love the cupboard in which you house them. Such a lovely home.


  2. Thanks, T.T., for an especially good post – – all your posts are great, but I grooved on this one. Love, LOVE the hutch. Wish one would find me! I loved the Harlequin romances too (this was the days before the bodice-rippers, when all the heroines were very wholesome). My half-sister, who is older that me, would read them and pass them along. Or, I would snatch them from the space under her bed, where she stored her books when she was finished reading. I always preferred the Gothic romances. They intrigued me with their air of darkness, mystery, and the ever-present castles. I can’t believe I’ve never read anything by Grace Livingston Hill, at least that I can recall – – I must remedy that. If I have a favorite book, it is Jane Eyre. I love this girl and the way she comports herself in terrible circumstances. I like Wuthering Heights, too, but it gives me chills. The way E.B.’s evil snakes down through generations, destroying them, is horrifying.


    1. Wuthering Heights is rather chill provoking. It kind of draws you in and repels at the same time.

      Grace Livingston Hill books are rather old-fashioned which is part of their charm. My favorite of hers is The Enchanted Barn – http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/574131.The_Enchanted_Barn
      Yes the older harlequins were pretty tame so nothing really for my mom to worry about.
      I had a younger sister who was second in line for a lot of my books. We loved Nancy Drew too, before we graduated to romance novels.


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