Getting Caught

Last Friday we took a little drive to see some leaves.  My husband had been out a day or two before and had seen a little grove of trees on a farm that were turning red. He knows I look for the fire red leaves when we are out so he told me about them and out we went, camera in hand.

We pulled off the road in front of the farm and started snapping pictures.  Then, I told him to pull in the driveway so I could get a better shot. Since there wasn’t a house there, I figured it didn’t matter.  So, there we were sitting in the driveway, snapping pictures, when a truck turned in and waited.  

Waited for us to turn around. We were caught. On the way out we stopped and told the gentlemen we hoped he didn’t mind, but we just loved the way his trees lined the drive and had to get some pictures, red is my favorite fall color and so forth.  He smiled a knowing little smile and said he didn’t mind.  We left and he did as well, which is how I know he was stopping by to see who we were and what we were about.  

We were on his property and we were taking pictures of trees he planted (they were too small to have been there for long), but I still feel like trees and the beauty of the earth belong to all of us as a gift from God, so I took my chances on getting caught.  

I have the evidence to show you my trespassing ways:

PicMonkey Collage


Trespassing in Grace,

Teresa (Sadie Grace)

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