My True Colors



When someone asks me my favorite anything – book, movie, historical period, food etc. – I have trouble narrowing down my choice to just one. I always have more than one favorite. Therefore, I can’t have just one favorite color.  I have a few.   When I was in school blue was everybody’s favorite color so I chose yellow because I wanted to be different.  Turns out yellow is not my favorite color.  Blue is.  Two shades to be exact. And about fifty shades of white.  And orange.  Yep. Orange. And pink has even crept onto the list over the past few years….

Today I am sharing some of my favorite paint colors over at Decor to Adore,  the blog home of Laura Ingalls Gunn.    I came across Laura’s blog a few years ago and have been a follower ever since.  She is charming, gracious and has wonderful home decor ideas.  I would love for you to join me over there today for the rest of the true colors story, and while you are there be sure to look around her blog, she may just become one of your favorite reads as well!

Sweeping colors in Grace,