Churches of Granville

Continuing the series from our trip to Granville, Ohio….

Taking pictures of churches is a given for me.  I grew up with a father who decided it was his mission to take pictures of every church in our little town and surrounding county when I was a teenager.  The family would hop in the car on Sunday afternoons and drive around taking pictures.  He later updated his collection to add the newer churches, then compiled them into an album to donate to our local library.  For a small rural area, we have lots of churches.

It was only natural on our recent trip to Granville, Ohio for me to walk around town and take pictures of the churches. Downtown churches represented were:The United Church of Granville, St. Luke’s Episcopal, First Presbyterian, Pilgrim Lutheran, and Methodist.  There was also a beautiful church on the campus of Denison University.  There was a Baptist church on the outskirts of town, but I failed to take a picture of it.

Since we arrived late Sunday afternoon, we did not attend any of the local churches.  I hope you enjoy this little tour of the churches of Granville.  Amateur photos coming up!

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. Psalm 122:1


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Where do you worship?

Worshiping in Grace,


2 thoughts on “Churches of Granville

  1. Great peek at some grand houses of worship. Most of the churches in this area are the “country church” style. Love that the buildings are different but the God is the same!


    1. I love a sweet county church – our trip was short, or it would have been great to travel around the county looking for other churches. Thanks for stopping by!


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