Weekend Toss (Photo Edition)

I haven’t done a Weekend Toss for awhile, and this one is not really a true toss, but it’s the weekend so we’ll go with that.  I realized earlier today that I took pictures of my Pink Ladies when they were blooming and also some pictures of my Rose of Sharon bushes and never shared them with you!  I thought today was a good day to share. Enjoy!


Flowering in Grace,


P.S. I also haven’t shared pictures from my trip to Flatwoods, KY (home of Billy Ray Cyrus and home to my Mom, briefly, as a child) and how there are only a few degrees of separation between me and Billy Ray…Also, I still need to post the Houses of Granville.  Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Toss (Photo Edition)

    1. Thank you! That little stone wall is one of my favorite things about our house. So excited about your new adventure – can’t wait to see what you will do in your new home.


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