Prompted By Bloggers II (Weekend Toss)

Prompted button.7Today’s post is Part of a 31 Day writing series where I will choose moments from my life and let them be my writing prompt for the day. On Weekends, I do a Weekend Toss, which is a combination of links to blogs I have enjoyed, or random updates and sometimes a scripture for Sunday. Today’s I am sharing the links to other bloggers from the #Write31days group. I hope you click on the buttons below from their series and check them out.  Today’s bloggers are from the Inspiration and Faith category.  Even though these are all from the same category, I think you will find that there is a variety of subject matter and writing style.  Please leave them a comment to let them know  you stopped by. For all the post in my Prompted to Write series, click the button, top left. These are all blogs that I have been visiting during the past 10 days.

roadkill3 (1)





Reading in Grace,


3 thoughts on “Prompted By Bloggers II (Weekend Toss)

  1. Thank you for sharing others’ blogs!! I follow several of these and usually try to check out several more each day! I will make sure to check these out that I have not seen (there are sooooo many, it IS hard to get to everyone!!


    1. I know – the good news is the links will still be up after October 31, so we can still go through and read the one’s we want. I try every year to feature some of the one’s I’ve found interesting. This year I decided to go by category. Most of the one’s I’m following I don’t necessarily read every day, but when I do read them I catch up on all the days since I last read – that seems to work without feeling too overwhelming.


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