What I Learned In October – A 31 Day Recap

In October I participated in write31days.com.  It was my third year to do this and, while I finished, I did skip a few days.  I also did mostly pictures on several days.  It seemed that my whole October pivoted around the writing challenge, so I thought I’d review from those pages to see what I learned through the process of the challenge. The numbers in the list refer to the day from the 31 Days, Prompted To Write, that corresponds with the learning experience.


2.  I learned that in the midst of my deepest pain, I can still laugh.  With Joy.  On this day I also learned that the essence of my Mom is still here, even if her mind is confused.

3.  I learned that I can’t be all things to all people and still be me.  I need balance and perspective. It’s ok to know this, because God’s grace is enough.

More water towers

6.  I learned that I love rainy days.  I don’t love depression, but I can still praise God in the storms.

8.  I was once again reminded that my mom wants to be Minnie Pearl.  I also learned that life does not have to be perfect and the ability to laugh at yourself is priceless.

9.  I learned to be thankful for slammed doors and to wait with expectation to see how God will open a window.  And he will. He will provide the work he wants us to do.  I’ve also changed how I pray for that work.


13. 14. 17. 20. 29.  I was reminded once again just why Autumn is my favorite time of year and how much I love drives and taking photos of the fall splendor.  I also discovered that there is much beauty not too far from my own back door.  I found a breathtaking view just a few miles away in a most unassuming location, just waiting for me to bask in it’s panorama.  I was once again reminded of why I call this My October 


16.  I was reminded that the testimonials of a man’s character and how he was an influence in the lives of so many is the real legacy left behind.

25.  I learned to look for Vignettes around my own home and was inspired to share a few with you, thanks to the Nester and her 31 Day Topic, Vignette Me.


27.  I was inspired to worship under the ministry of my husbands piano playing for a congregation in his home town.  It was a sweet day.  Like getting a glimpse into heaven.  (in the original post I linked to him playing a bluesy version of Nothing But The Blood)  Go ahead, click over, I promise you’ll be inspired.

28.  I was blessed by the wonder of friendship and reminded of how important it is to meet halfway for the sheer joy of celebrating that friendship.


31.  I found an old letter from my mom that reminded me of the beauty of forgiveness.  I was also reminded why my ears don’t stick out (just go read the note at the end of Day 31).

If you want to know more, you can read the entire 31 Day series here. If you wanted me to point you to say, my top three recommendations form the series, then I would say here, here and here.


I’d love to hear from you – what did you learn in October?

I’m linking with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky for her monthly link-up on what we learned.  You can check out what others are learning here.

Learning and remembering in grace,


10 thoughts on “What I Learned In October – A 31 Day Recap

  1. Teresa,
    Congratulations on finishing 31 Days! I enjoyed reading your list – so beautiful and profound. I will have to come back here later to read the letter from your mother. I hope that won’t make me cry 🙂


    1. Thanks, Yuko! So glad you stopped by. Reading the letter after several years did make me cry a little, but it also reminded me of how much my mother has loved me unconditionally all these years. 🙂


  2. Hey Teresa … Yay! You made it for 31 Days. And it sounds like your heart gleaned some truths that are going to remain with you … and us.

    #3 and #9 really hit home for me.

    It’s been good to meet you this week! Hope that maybe we can keep in touch …


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Linda – will definitely keep in touch – going to add you to my blog reader on WP.
      #3 and 9 were both pretty profound for me and hit me right where I’m living in this season of life. That is the beauty of writing life – I am able to see more clearly the lessons God is teaching me.


  3. Teresa,
    Congrats on finishing 31 Days…Impressive… I enjoyed reading your list and reading your mom’s acrostic note back to you…so precious 🙂 And I’m glad you’re finding joy and laughter even in the midst of the hard….they are even more meaningful in the hard…praying God continues to give you His joy and peace 🙂 Nice to meet you 🙂


  4. Congrats on finishing 31Days strong! This is my third year doing it as well and it has challenged and grown me in more ways than just writing! Those photo’s – gorgeous! And the lessons learned, priceless! Visiting from Emily’s link up as well!


    1. Thanks! So glad you stopped by. I always am challenged in more ways than just the writing too – that’s why I like to review and do a recap to see what lessons I learned.


  5. What I learned during the days of October is that I AM A CAREGIVER…and I AM A WRITER!! And, I learned there are others out there (somewhere in the BIG group of other bloggers!) that know how I feel because they are in that same role, or have been there. I learned there are many out there (in that same BIG group of bloggers!) who encourage and support and inspire me and others to continue to write and to share our story; and to continue the journey we (I) are (am) on…thank you for sharing what you learned; and thanks to all those who encouraged and supported and inspired!!


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