Weekend Toss (November Edition)

Hello friends!  I have been quiet this month after the frenzy of writing almost every day in October.  I haven’t gone away, just resting and organizing the office space in my kitchen.  Which is a story in and of itself about why I no longer have an office.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, it is Christmas time, even though Thanksgiving is still days away.  I have one friend who put her Christmas tree up on November 2.  I love her love of the season.  I haven’t even decided if I am going to put up a tree this year.  And, no, I am not a scrooge.  I actually love the Christmas season, but sometimes the hustle and bustle wears me out and I need to retreat and just be simple and remember the Shepherds Abiding.


One thing that is a big part of the season is gift giving.  In our families we don’t go overboard and usually keep it simple.  It’s more about the fellowship than it is the gift giving.  We do purchase a few gifts and what not.  This year I am going to do most of my shopping online to avoid much of that hustle and bustle.

There are always giveaways this time of year and I want to share one with you today which is the reason I popped in during my time of blog rest.  The sign up for the giveaway ends Monday, November 17 at midnight.  It makes me wish I had young children because it is a great book give away.  Eight books for children that center around the theme of Christmas.  It will make a wonderful gift or gifts if you have several children on your list.

My friend LeeAnne G. Taylor is hosting the giveaway on her blog.  If you click over to her site all the details will be there on how you can enter the give away.

Children's Christmas Book Giveaway

In other news, I have also taken a personality test (again).  I do this once in a while as an assessment tool.  I almost always come out the same type.  I sometimes waffle between two similar types, which is actually true to my type.  Go figure!

I have more to share with you about my personality type, but I am still processing what I want to say (which is also true to my type).  Anyway, I thought you might want to have some fun this weekend and check out who you are.  Just keep in mind that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by a creative God and he probably has us in way more than 16 basic personality categories.  I took a shortened version of the Myers Briggs on this site:  16 Personalities. Go ahead click on the link, take the test, then come back next week and read about my results and we’ll discuss our personalities.  I am curious as to what your type is.

If you want to take a longer version of the test so that it is a little more in-depth you can go here.  It will take you a little longer, but I think I like this one better. If you should get two different types, then read both carefully to see which of the two you most identify with.  You may also want to wait a few days and take one of the tests again.  Your mood at the time of the test will affect your answers.    Years ago, I tested as an extrovert, but a lot of that type did not really match who I know I am, the introvert part makes much more sense.  The “N” and I think the “F” has always been consistent.  Sometimes now my J and P are a little confused. Part of this could be how I interpret the meaning of the questions, especially on different tests.

Whatever your type, have fun taking the test and seeing how it explains who you are. I’m sure that at least one of the personality types hates this kind of testing and you know who you are, so no pressure!

There is talk that we could see some of this by the end of the weekend:


Enjoy what is left of your weekend.  Off to figure out supper.

Have a grace-filled weekend,


4 thoughts on “Weekend Toss (November Edition)

  1. I love that you are taking some time to reflect on the true meaning of the season. I think so many, myself included, get so busy that we forget. Last year I did not put up a tree and it truly was one of our loveliest Christmases.


    1. Laura, I’m sure this year is busy for you, settling into a new house and how exciting to have a new home to decorate! I wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving and Christmas!


  2. I haven’t been writing very much lately either…with the holidays and so much going on…women’s retreat last weekend – quiet, peaceful, inspirational…craft retreat this weekend – laughter, sharing, tiring, creating; and still one more day of it! I’ll take a picture of the “box” I decorated for my granddaughter for Christmas – which, to make thing even crazier…we are celebrating Christmas with my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter ON THANKSGIVING…that is the only time they’ll be here until next year!! SO…I had to work steadily this weekend to get it done!! Anyway, thanks for sharing – and I’m going over to enter that giveaway!!!


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