Checking In


Just checking in with an update.  Change is still happening around here. Due to both our computers being in the shop for two weeks my tweaking was interrupted.

I want to carve out some time over the next couple of weeks to finish the new look of the blog (note:  nothing is written in stone so the tweaking may take awhile).

Also, I’m hoping to finally get back on a somewhat regular writing schedule. More on that as thoughts develop.  I know I don’t want to obsess over the “rules of blogging” whatever they may be.  I don’t want to worry about statistics and who may or may not be reading my blog.  I figure that God sends the people that need to read what I have to say.

Writing is not a competition.  It is a conversation between like minded individuals. There is room for my voice, your voice and all the writing voices to be heard.  My blog won’t be for all readers, but it will be exactly the spot that others will need to be.  So, I trust that those who need me and those I need will find their way here and become part of a community. If you are already a “regular”, thanks for sticking by me in the lean times.

I welcome your thoughts, suggestions and encouragement.  I know the latest trends say that blogging is dying.  I know a lot of people don’t engage in conversation.  I just want you to know that I value your conversation and try my best to respond to all comments.   I also value your right to remain silent, so I never want anyone to feel pressured to leave comments.

I pray you will find the  conversation here uplifting and insightful.  My hope is that all who enter here will feel at home and find a sense of place.

Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants. Deuteronomy 32:2 NIV

Writing in Grace,


7 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Blogging is a hard thing to juggle at times. I’ve been writing in my space for 7 years, and I find that lately I am just plain out of gas. So what did I do? I tossed all of the “blogging rules” aside, simplified my space and just write when I feel the urge to. I still struggle at times with thinking I should be doing more. Looking forward to reading more as your vision unfolds.


  2. My thoughts exactly, Teresa…and I HAVE been missing you! Glad to see you are still around; working on “change”; and missing due to computer issues…I for one love the connections, the conversations or chats! Thanks for sharing your post today; for updating and letting us know you are still going to be around. Looking forward to MORE!!


    1. Thanks, Barbara. I’m going to be working on a schedule for reading and writing and then try my best to keep up with it in between care-giving and life. I’m way behind on reading blogs and that is also a very important part of building community with blog friends. Thanks for your encouragement and your friendship.


      1. Yes, Teresa…reading others’ blogs is a very important part; and I am quite lacking in that too! Making a schedule is a good idea; and one I have thought about, but my days are so flexible and non-routine anymore that I am not sure how that would work…but putting a TIME LIMIT on the e-mail and Facebook “browsing” would help and use part of the hours I spend to read and write instead!! It WAS great to hear from you!!

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  3. I’m a regular & look forward always to your thoughts & musings! Glad you want to let go of pressure of expectations in order to be free here. Smiles, Sue


    1. Thanks, Sue, for your encouragement – you have always said exactly what I needed to hear to make me give my best. Smiles back at ya, friend.


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