Breathe Deep


Breathing in Grace,


Update 10.12.15 – So, ummm, ok, I just realized today that I misspelled breathe – left the “e” off.  Too late to change the postcard without a total re-do, but I did change it in the title.  So sorry.  I know better.  Truly, I do.  But, apparently not really, as I found this same mistake on a post from a year or two ago.  I will spell breathe correctly, I will spell breathe correctly…and so on and so forth. Now you know, if you hadn’t noticed. 🙂

This is day 1 of a 31 day series. Click image to go to the series home page.postcards.2

7 thoughts on “Breathe Deep

    1. When I went to church this morning the call to worship was Psalm 122:1 – just a little reminder of how God orchestrates all the details for us. His grace is wonderful!


  1. OH my word do I LOVE this theme and how you are playing it out. Found you as a fellow #write31days blogger. My daughter is discovering poetry and writing and she and I will be back to read more.


    1. Thank you! I almost decided not to do one this year, then I realized I was posting little tidbits on FB everyday, so why not turn it into a 31 days, so Post Cards from October seemed appropriate.
      You are welcome here anytime! I’ll be over to check out your 31 days too.


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