Drink Blue October



Drenched in grace,


note: you can click on the post card to see a larger image.

This is day 7 of a 31 day series. Click image to go to the series home page. button.2

8 thoughts on “Drink Blue October

  1. Just an FYI – all the photos in the post card are untouched – the sky really was that beautiful shade of blue when the photos were snapped. Also, the background behind the writing is actually a picture I took of the sky when we were in the Cave Run area a couple of October’s ago. I love an October blue sky. Just wanted to share that little bit of info with you, my readers. I appreciate all of you whether you comment or not!


  2. Beautiful Blue!!! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful postcard (book)…it is so refreshing to read a short beautiful meaningful post that just gets our day going “beautifully”…I’m on to “beautiful” again!!!

    Excited to see the remaining postcards in this series!

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