Small Town Memories


Dear One,

I’m so glad you enjoyed the picture show the other day from Shaker Village. Those images will bring you many happy memories of time spent there.

Today, I’m inspired to show you the beauty of your small town.  I’m glad you took the time recently to look close to home for the memories that are ready to be made right outside your own front door.  There are some lovely spots to capture gorgeous Autumn.

Such as Lover’s Lane, trees and houses around town, a church, the big tree in your former Principal’s yard, the Middle School and a small town cityscape.

I hope seeing the beauty in your home town will establish your sense of place. Because we all need to belong.  We all need a sense of place.

There are lots of pictures!  Enjoy!

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Making memories in grace,


All photos were taken in Flemingsburg, Kentucky and are the property of StoneLeaf & Co.  Please don’t use without permission.

This is days 28-30 of a 31 day series. Click image to go to the series home page.
This post is for days 28-30 of a 31 day series. Click image to go to the series home page.
Click image to see the response posts from my sister’s blog
Click image to see the response posts from my sister’s blog

5 thoughts on “Small Town Memories

  1. I read and liked 3 of your posts, but this one, I absolutely love. I love the beautiful pictures. I love the stories in this post untold. You inspire me. I could only dream to take as beautiful pics as you have to place on . I just told my wife today at the hospital that I wanted to buy us a good camera for Christmas, and she reminded me of the one we never use anymore, so i am going to get it out tomorrow and play with it.

    I appreciate the comment you left for me on the Hope*Writers Facebook Page letting me know you were praying for me and asking about my surgery. I read it to my wife and told her that I have finally found a place to call “home,” with good people I can call “family.”

    I will follow you on WordPress, and if you have anymore social media sites, I will follow on them, also.

    Thank you, again, for the kind words, and most of all, your prayers.

    God Bless!


    1. Thanks Jason for your kind thoughts about my pictures. I’m not all that great a photographer, I just get really lucky sometimes. I just have a Kodak easy share basic camera and half the time I can’t really see the picture I’m taking until after the shot. I just try to find things that inspire me and then hopefully capture that feeling. Thanks for the follow and the likes. I’m so glad we are finding a great family community at Hopewriters.

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    1. I’m always amazed at the beauty around me when I take the time to see. Sometimes I think I have to plan a trip or drive to see beauty, but we really don’t. I live in one of the prettiest places in Kentucky if I open my eyes.


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