Welcome 2016!

The New Year lies before you like a fresh blanket of snow.  What kind of mark will you leave?


It is a new year – welcome 2016!  I hope you dear friends will have a blessed year.  You may have noticed the name change.  I’ve been debating for some time about changing the name of the blog to my name instead of StoneLeaf and Co.  So, here it is.

Subscribers should still receive posts as usual.  If you are not a subscriber I would appreciate you subscribing to my blog so that you don’t miss out on new posts.  Your inbox is safe with me. No one has access to your email but me. You can subscribe right over there on the right.  Thanks!

I will be back sometime this week with an end of the year wrap-up post of sorts for 2015 – I like to do this to help me see where I’ve been.  So you won’t want to miss that (or maybe you will ).

Welcoming in grace,


6 thoughts on “Welcome 2016!

  1. I like that you’ve chosen to use your name on your blog, Teresa. It somehow made a difference for me to do the same this summer.

    I own it. I wear it. I am who He’s shaped me to be.

    Welcome back!


    1. Yes, we might as well be us because as Oscar Wilde said, “everyone else is already taken.” 🙂 I realized that my old blog name didn’t really define me or my blog – it was a name I chose for my cottage, but since my blog is not really about my cottage or decor, it no longer made sense to use that as my blog name. Looking forward to reading your wise words this year! Happy New Year to you.


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