Just Enough

Most of the Christmas decorations are still packed away in crates and drawers. And I don’t have any plans to dig them out.  For some reason I wanted small trees this year and peace. I had ordered a set of small trees on a whim from an online retailer.  I put them on my mantle with some greenery and pine cones. I visited a local shop where the proprietor had small trees (the largest is about two foot) at a great price and bought five so my Byer Christmas Trio would look like they were standing at the edge of an evergreen forest.  Then I purchased a bag of inexpensive bottle brush trees to display with a couple of small box houses, making a tree farm of sorts. I added a trio of small trees and a bowl that belonged to my great grandmother, full of small pinecones that I found in the mountains on a long ago trip, to my little desk. I added old brown crocks into the mantle display, put a single candle surrounded by greenery on a small stand, hung jingle bells on the front door, placed a sprig of berries on a doorknob, put out a few of my Christmas books and called it a day.

It’s just enough to honor the season without taking away from the true meaning. It’s just enough to remind me that making a home can be a blessing, but not so much that I’m exhausted. And, if I decide that I’m too tired to put it away and it all hangs around for awhile, it still blends in as winter decor, leaving me the freedom to put it away gradually without stress.  It’s all pretty low key. it’s all just enough peace to keep me grounded and help me find my sense of place. You can see it in pictures below.  Welcome.






Hope your Christmas is filled with just enough peace and grace,



Linking up with the Nester for the Christmas tour of homes.


14 thoughts on “Just Enough

  1. Teresa, your “just enough” is beautiful (and I LOVE those gorgeous wood floors!!)…I totally bombed out on ANY decorations…I think I have one ornament that was received recently hanging on a hook in the front room, which is cluttered with cards to be addressed and crafts to be completed.

    I am NOT not in the Christmas spirit! In fact, I am TOTALLY IN!! It’s just that NOBODY comes to our little apartment; and it just zaps my energy to drag out all of the decorations to decide what I will put up; and then put it all away…and even though I’d leave it all up ’til “whenever” – even if it’s Easter or whatever!!! – hubby would think it needed to be put away sooner and just throw everything into a box and shove it into the storage shed…SO…

    I DO have the Christmas spirit; it’s in my heart and surrounds me when I’m with my family and friends!


    1. Nothing wrong with not decorating – the important thing is always the heart of the matter. One of the reasons I don’t do much is that our little house is too small to add much and we don’t have a lot of people in through the holidays. I totally understand the energy. Enjoy your friends and crafting and the spirit of the holidays! I wish you the very merriest of Christmases, my friend.


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