Favorite Season – 31:24


Fall. Y’all.  I’m an Autumn girl for sure.

These are Just a few of my favorite things of fall:

1.  Cooler temperatures

2.  The splash of fall color



















3.  Hot Apple Cider

4.  The smell of Cinnamon

5.  A pot of soup simmering on the stove

6.  White Pumpkins









7.  My October

8.  Curling up all cozy with a favorite book

9.  Bringing out the quilts

Beth's Quilt









10.  The satisfying crunch of leaves under foot

11. Shades of Indigo

What about you.  What is your favorite season and why?  What are your fall favorites?

Falling into Grace,

Teresa (Sadie Grace)



Favorite Artists / Songs II – 31:17

Yesterday I gave you a list of several of my favorite secular songs.  Today, I am listing some of my favorite Christian songs.  This list will include everything from Southern Gospel to Contemporary Christian.  I mentioned yesterday that music touches a place deep in my soul.  That is certainly no less true for Christian songs. Songs of faith have a deeper meaning and help build my faith walk.  Sometimes, a sermon, or a scripture or devotional will make me think of a song and I will find myself singing the words.  The songs on this list are songs that have touched me deeply at some point in my life, or they have just made me happy to sing.

1.  Hillsongs and Darlene Zschech would be at the top of my list.  So many of their songs have made their way to the depths of my soul.  Dwelling Places , Power of Your Love, My Redeemer Lives, I will Run To You and of course the classic Shout To The Lord

2.  Casting Crowns – Praise You In The Storm

3.  Chris Tomlin – Powerful worship songs – Everlasting God, Here I Am To Worship, and Forever just to name a few

4.  Kutless – What Faith Can Do

5.  Sanctuary

6. It Is Well With My Soul

7. Sandi Patti – anything she sings.  Holy Ground

8.  The Prayer – this version is with Charlotte Church and Josh Groban or this one with Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli

9.  Did I forget to Pray – Billy Ray Cyrus (he actually has a pretty good gospel CD) And just for fun, this one with Jaci Velasques singing Come Just As You Are – And did you ever see him in Doc?  I rest my case.  That last has nothing to do with favorite songs – just threw that in as a bonus

10.  Kathy Troccoli – Go Light Your World – I love her voice

11.  Gaither Vocal Band – Michael English – I Bowed On My Knees

12.  Peace In The Valley – Elvis

13.  I Love You Lord

14.  Michael W. Smith – Above All

15.  The Getty’s – In Christ Alone, The Power Of The Cross

16.  I Surrender All

17.  Change My Heart Oh God

18.  This is My Father’s World -I searched for the best version of this song and I just found her’s and loved it. She sings it with purity.  I’m not a big bluegrass fan, but she could make me a believer.

19.  I will Sing – Don Moen

20.  Mercy Me – God With Us (All that is within me cries) or this longer version with commentary by the band.

Again, This list could have more songs and with time favorites will come and go. These songs speak to my heart and soul.  I hope you too will find comfort and joy in them and maybe you will find a new favorite.

Singing in grace,

Teresa (aka Sadie)

Favorite Artists / Songs I – 31:16

My favorite Artists / Songs list is somewhat eclectic.  Music touches a place deep in my soul.  Once that connection has been made, then the song is timeless for me. Some songs touch a far away place that is haunting, others live closer to home and speak to me in the day to day patterns of life. Some of it is just for fun, or brings back a memory.  I have broken this list into two categories Non-Christian (which is pretty much pop, country and rock) and Christian.  Today is the Non-Christian list.

1.  Celine Dion.  Love her music.  Pretty much anything she does.  If I had to choose a favorite it would be Power of Love.

2.  Elton John.  Again. Love his music.  Pretty much anything, although I tend to prefer the older stuff.  Favorite? Do I have to choose a favorite?  OK  Sad Songs  and Honky Cat and of course I have to include Crocodile Rock and one more – Candle in the Wind

3.  Linda Ronstadt. Most of her stuff.  Favorite, probably Blue Bayou

4.  The Eagles. Don Henley. Greatest Hits.  All of them.  I’ll pick Desperado

5.  Bob Seger (not necessarily all of his stuff) but, I love Old Time Rock and Roll or this live version

6.  Rod Stewart (again, not everything – he was pretty risque when I was growing up)  but, I love his gravely voice and one of my favorites is Forever Young

7.  Bryan Adams – love his voice.  This should probably have been at the top of the list along with Celine.  It, along with Power of Love are my favorite love songs.  Ever. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

6.  Sting and The Police.  Every Breath You Take

7.  I love this combination of Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting  All For Love

8.  Anne Murray – love, love her voice.  Low and smooth. We used one of her songs at our Wedding.  You Needed Me  It was 1984. OK.

9.  The Judds and Wynona – you get two here.  One of theirs and one of hers.  Grandpa Tell Me About The Good Ole Days  and No One Else On Earth

10.  Elvis.  Everything. I’ve never heard anything I didn’t like.  I have several favorites, but I am linking to only two.  Jailhouse Rock and Suspicious Minds

11.  Clay Aiken – my favorite American Idol contestant. Ever. I just love his voice – soulful, reaches deep.  He should have won.  Loved his version of Without You

12.  Duffy – like her voice -it is edgy and different.  Favorite song of hers – Mercy

13.  Billy Ray Cyrus (I can’t really explain it or help it) He is a Kentucky boy.  I like a lot of his songs.  Of course the obvious choice is Achy Breaky Heart – This one is a little more serious – She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore

14.  Karen Carpenter.  Love the voice – so many great songs – hard to pick just one, but I’ll choose Rainy Days and Mondays or maybe Superstar

15.  And no list would be complete without The Archies singing Sugar Sugar

16.  Or, Jeannie C Riley singing Harper Valley PTA

It’s been fun finding some of my favorites that I haven’t listened to for a while.  I could add more and I’m pretty sure a favorite Artists / Songs list is never really complete or even static as things change.  So, here is hoping you will be inspired to think of some of your own favorites.  I’m not sure what insights this list gives you about me, if any, but feel free to comment!


(some) Favorite New Blogs (weekend toss) – 31:12

On Saturday I give you links to blogs I enjoy.  We are almost two weeks in to the 31 day challenge.  I have spent some time checking out new to me blogs.  So today I decided to give you links to a few of my favorites. Some of the images are larger than others, as I copied them from each person’s blog, so the size has nothing to do with how I rank them.  If you have time please leave a comment on each blog you visit and encourage them in their 31 day journey.  Enjoy!

31 Days of More Great Nonfiction Books | 31 Days of Great Nonfiction Reads

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31 Days of Lists

Sharing in Grace,


Favorite Movies – 31:11

Movies.  I love a good movie; mostly chick flicks. And I realize in the case of movies, good is a relative term.  Your good may be my bad and likewise.  If you read through my list of favorite movies you will not find anything more profound than Mary Poppins.  I’m OK with that.  I know I can be deep and profound when I need to be.

With movies, I tend to lean more to the romantic comedy with the occasional children’s movie thrown in, which some might say is shallow.  I’m OK with that.  I watch movies for the pure entertainment and that little happy glow when they all live happily ever after.  They are my escape from reality.  I also like movies for the little bits of my dreams I see in them.

I have enjoyed a lot of movies and this list could probably contain more than eight, but for today this is a list of my favorite movies in no particular order. To make this list it had to be a movie I have seen more than once or twice.  A movie that I would sit down now and watch again and then again tomorrow if you wanted me to watch it with you.

I plan to re-visit one of these movies this weekend and write about it in Monday’s post.  So stay tuned.  You might catch a glimpse of why it is on my favorites list.  I may even learn something about myself.  Maybe you too will be inspired to watch a good movie this weekend, even one of mine.

Green Card 

Baby Boom 

You’e Got Mail 

Funny Farm 

Dirty Dancing 

The Taming of the Shrew 

Mary Poppins 

The Holiday