Prompted By A Lovely Fall Drive

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Today’s post is Part of a 31 Day writing series where I will choose moments from my life and let them be my writing prompt for the day.  This one is inspired by a drive to look at the changing color of the leaves. Click the prompted button to see all the post in this series. (note: you can click on the pictures to see a larger image – just right click and tell it to open in a new tab so you don’t lose the page.)



If I don’t have an opportunity to wander about on a lovely fall day to see the leaves in all their glory I can become a little frazzled.  I always try to keep the third weekend of October open, which is usually peak in our neck of the woods.  I don’t always win the calendar war.



Yesterday, after a busy weekend and arriving home around 4 PM my husband graciously took me out for a little spin on our way to the church fireside gathering. Just minutes from our back door we had some of the most beautiful views I have seen anywhere.



We drove through a covered bridge that frames a lovely country church and wound around a delightful ribbon of country road that had some lovely fall color at every twist and turn (and I literally mean twist and turn).






It was a delightful drive that ended at a friends house where our small congregation gathered for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  Long after everyone else had gone home, my husband and I stayed around the fire with our friend catching up and watching the flames burn low.  It was a peaceful way to end the evening.



(un)Winding in grace,


Barns Near Granville, Ohio

Last week I shared with you some pictures of our recent trip to Granville, Ohio.   I mentioned that several themes seemed to dominate my pictures.  One of those was barns and surrounding countryside.  I have always loved barns of all shapes and sizes.  I think they speak to me of a time in our history that is slowly fading away.  A time when life was simpler and people depended on the land for survival.  A time when young children knew that milk came from cows and not the grocery store.

To me a barn speaks of family, thankfulness, hard work, integrity, and perseverance.  It speaks to the part of our soul that needs to slow down and focus on those things that really matter.  There is nothing like a drive through beautiful countryside, dotted with barns, to help you gain perspective.

This is a short drive, but no less, soul filling.  So, roll down your windows, settle into a slow drive, and be refreshed.

This was taken through the windshield of the car, which explains the hues in the top of the picture due to the tint on the windshield.  I thought it  made for a beautiful picture. I didn't think about how that would affect the picture, so it was a happy accident.
No barn, but a country road. This was taken through the windshield of the car, which explains the hues in the top of the picture due to the tint on the windshield. I thought it made for a beautiful picture. I didn’t think about how that would affect the picture, so it was a happy accident.
This barn was near Dawes Arboretum.
This barn was near Dawes Arboretum.



Small patriotic barn near Granville
Small patriotic barn near Granville.  I think I may love the somewhat shabby, rusty barns the best, like the one on the left.  I suspect they have good stories to tell from generation to generation.
Barn on the corner where two roads met.
Barn on the corner where two roads met. We always try to take the one less traveled.

The next time you are out and about, take the time to find a barn or two.  It might just restore your equilibrium.  At least for a few moments.  We all need space to breathe.

Breathing in Grace,




Today Was A Beautiful Monday

Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.  Psalm 150:6

Today was a beautiful Monday.  Even though the temperature was a little warmer than this time of year calls for, it was a low humidity day, so very pleasant.  When Rocky came home from work we went to the park for a walk.  Two laps is a mile.  I did not make two laps today.  It has been a while since I walked and I was breaking in new walking shoes, so opted to take it slow and easy.  I did one lap and a small stretch in the parking lot.  Rested.  Then, did a few laps in the picnic shelter. When not walking, I enjoyed sitting at one of the tables  looking out over the countryside.

Towards the end of the walk there is a fairly steep (at least to me) hill to climb.  I usually turn on this hill and walk a few steps backwards.  This affords quite a beautiful view of the surrounding hillsides.  In the middle of one little hilltop there is a charming barn with a silo standing at attention as if on guard. It was quite idyllic with white clouds floating in blue sky, balmy breeze and birds chirping.  I, of course, did not have a camera to capture the view, so you’ll just have to paint a picture in your mind with my words.

That is one of the things I love about words that are written.  It gives me a chance to use my imagination.  I can picture the barn and silo the way I want them to look.  I can make the barn any color I choose, or even weathered gray with a tin roof all rusty around the edges (my favorite, I think).  The silo can be stone, or galvanized metal; new or timeworn. The sky can be whatever shade of blue I need it to be and the clouds can take on shapes that spark further fantastical imaginings.  And the bird song.  Sweet melodies composed just for me.

Yes, today was a beautiful Monday.

Imagining in grace,


Things I Learned In November

1.  I learned that I need to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.  Literally and Metaphorically.  I am not the best traveler.  I love new places, but getting there is not so much fun, especially when it involves rain, hills, curves and big trucks.  This truth also hit home metaphorically, during my visit to the Barn with Emily and company. I Learned so much at this event.  Still processing.


2.  I also learned that I need to accept where I am on the journey.  This lesson came via Renee Swope in the words she spoke to me about learning not to “resist or resent”.

3.  I learned from my cousin, Tim, that sometimes when the hurt is too much we can soften it with humor.

4.  I learned that I like my November to be warmer, rather than colder. The cold weather hit sooner than I would have preferred.

5.  I learned that I have too much stuff and should really consider purging.  In all honesty, I already knew this, but was given the opportunity this month to learn this lesson again. It is a work in progress.

6.  I learned that I love PTX – they are amazing!

To find out what others have learned join the community over at Chatting at the Sky.

Learning in Grace,