31:9 – The words always have a mission

“You have armed me with strength for the battle…”  2 Sam. 22:40

Sometimes I read things I’ve written in the past.  Then, I cringe.  What was I thinking.  I ask myself if this is what I should really be doing.  If there is a point to all the words lined up like so many soldiers going into battle.

That is what our words do you know.  We put them through their paces, then send them off to do battle.  To make a difference, to defend, to protect, to encourage, to comfort, to inspire.  But, we need to remember that they also have the potential to do harm, to hinder, to squash, to discourage. Then, they become like a group of renegade soldiers that have forgotten their mission. Their calling. Their purpose.

When that happens there is no point.  The battle has been lost and we are right to cringe.  But, we do not have the right to quit.  Giving up on our calling is never the answer.  We must learn from our mistakes, we must continue the training, we must keep sending the words into battle.  Until they are right. Until they have accomplished their purpose.

Then, we begin the training all over again with the next group of rookie words.  Because we know the battle is never over.  The words always have a mission. As the keeper of the words it is our obligation to send them forth prepared and ready to engage.

Training in Grace,


PS – What is your mission? Maybe, like me, you are still working on the exact mission or purpose of your words.  Don’t give up the battle.  It is so worth it.   Need inspiration?  Find other 31 Day bloggers here.

Day 4 – Let my words descend like dew

A scripture and a Photo for reflection…

“Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew,

like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.”


How do we allow our words to descend like dew? Whatever your passion, or calling, if you write in any capacity, then you are a writer and you have words and they descend.  Don’t we have a responsibility to make sure they are dew worthy?

Taken around 2007 in Fleming County, Kentucky. This copy has had the color intensified slightly.

This is the lake where I was baptized as a young girl and how it looks now.  This picture is a reminder to me of the grace I’ve been given.  It is a reminder that to whom much is given, much is required.  It is a reminder that my words descend.

Falling into Grace,


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