31:24 – A List

I’m very, very, very, late posting today due to the following list:  (note to self: find a better adverb to replace very)

To Do Wednesday

1.  Drive to Grayson, KY to the Kentucky Christian University Library so Mr. Piano can check out a book for his dissertation. Check.

2.  Drive to Lexington, Kentcky – stop at Red Robin for lunch and eat the limited time Oktoberfest Burger (minus the ham). Yummy. check.

3.  Stop in at Panera Bread for Raisin Bread and Orange Cranberry Muffins (need to use up some gift cards).  Check.

4.  Travel on to Hobby Lobby (love this store) for Letters to go with my coat hooks – for a project that I may post pictures of when finished.  Also. buy Christmas lights and a Christmas Door hanger. Check

5.  Stop in at Lifeway Christian Book Store for a book for Mr. Piano.  Check.  They don’t have the book. Uncheck.  Will have to order off Amazon. (Note to self:  Since the book was the main reason for going to Lexington, make sure Mr. Piano calls ahead next time.)

6. Go to Trader Joes!  Love me some Trader Joe’s.  Buy some favorite items.  Check.

7.  Take the long way home (from Lexington to Flemingsburg) to see fall color. Check.

Whew! That was a long Day.  I think I’ll have a Chicken Salad on Raisin Bread sandwich.

Traveling in Grace,