(more) Random Favorites II – 31:22

1.  Crisp Autumn Air

2.  Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips (with Milk)

3.  Restaurant Hopping with friends (kind of like a progressive dinner – you meet at a restaurant and hang out until you think they are tired of you, then move on to the next.  For us that usually involves three restaurants – Dinner, Dessert then a drink or snack at the third one.) This is a good thing to do with friends from a distance – you can meet halfway and have a nice visit.

4.  A quiet lazy day at home (wearing pajamas all day, optional).

5.  Bubble Baths

6.  Curious George (click here for a sweet curious moment)

7.  The stained glass window from the church I attended as a teenager



8.  Taking drives, destination unknown

9.  Chocolate – Ruth Hunt Candies Melt-Aways are pretty awesome.  I just discovered these last year about a half hour from where I live.  This is dangerous.

10. Front Porch Swings



Reflecting in Grace,

Teresa (Sadie)

A sweet Curious Moment

Sometimes Mr. Piano surprises me when I least expect it.  Oh, wait, I guess that’s why it’s a surprise – because I wasn’t expecting it!

He walked in earlier, all smiles, hands behind his back, waiting expectantly for me to give him my full attention.  He then proceeded to hand me a tissue wrapped bundle.  Me, being the curious one that I am, wanted to know who, what, where, when and how………He just smiled and told me to open the tissue.

Much to my delight this is what I found

Curious George upside down on a book, bouncing a ball on his foot.  Mr.  Piano said, “I saw this and knew it was perfect for you; you love to read”  He said,  “it perfectly describes your essence!”

He is so right.  I love to read, I am very curious (who, what, where, when, how) and if I could do so without breaking my neck, I would definitely be hanging upside down about now.  I do have an exercise ball and sometimes, it looks like I’m attempting to hang upside down.  I sometimes hang upside down metaphorically as well which has made for some interesting adventures.

As a child I loved to hang upside down from tree branches and I loved to “walk” up the door facing, put my feet one on each side of the doorknob, hold on for dear life and swing the door back and forth.  I also loved to balance on the support post of our picket fence and walk a few steps, then jump down.  I had no fear and my curiosity knew no bounds.  I read a book a day and had a vivid imagination (still do).

I look at his 2011 Hallmark keepsake ornament and I have to laugh, because  if you had to pick an object that tells you about me, then this would be the one.  There are so many possibilities and with every turn of the page you find out more.

Thank you Mr. Piano, for reminding me who I am and for showing me once again that you really do get the “essence” of me.  I’m glad I was curious enough to roam the halls of Baird Music Hall to find out more about you – Life with you has been one grand adventure.  I can’t wait for the next chapter in our book.  Love you.

Go in Grace,