Indigo hues splash riotously across the melancholy twilight sky;

an artist gone mad amidst the shades of dusk.

A fitting departure to the bittersweet time before the dark settles in.

Lights glimmer from humble abodes, sharing the comfort of the night.

I too shall settle in and savor memories of Indigo. (teresalhardymon)

November brings a touch more gray to the skies; the night settles in earlier and lights shine out from neighborhood windows like little beacons of hope guiding us through the dark, promising that all will be well.

This time of year is a little melancholy, inviting us to sip a hot drink while we ponder deeper things and dream of promises yet to be fulfilled.  We wrap a warm throw about our shoulders, sigh deeply and realize that a slow down is just what we needed.

Slowing in grace,



PS I’ve shared Shades of Indigo before, but thought it ok to share again, since it was inspired by a November sky and the way November makes me feel.