Keepsake Christmas


Today I will be linking up with The Nester for the 2013 Christmas Tour of Homes.  After you have visited with me, please pop on over and view some other beautiful Christmas decorations.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Christmas decor.  This years theme was Old-fashioned Keepsake Simplicity.  I used what I had (with the exception of some minor purchases such as candles and tissue paper) to create a simple, peaceful Christmas.  I used decorations from previous years and found objects from around the house.

We’ll begin on the front porch.

PicMonkey Collage

First view inside the front door.  The little offset wall is our “entry” of sorts. You will notice my silver ornament garland (twine, ornaments, ribbon).



100_2583.2 100_2451.2



The next few pictures were before I decided to add the pink tissue poms – I may like it better without, haven’t decided yet.  But it did seem to need a touch of color besides the silver, gold and white.

j.100_2454 100_2381.2 100_2454.haiku

Close up of some of the mantle details (hat pins, salt cellar with buttons, antique candle holder)


100_2469.2 is


g.100_2623 h.100_2616 100_2623



100_2624We have now made it full circle around my living room (I didn’t show you the sofa across from the fireplace) the front door is to the right of this dresser. Next we go into my workroom / library which is to the left of the entry.  The colors are more traditional in here.


This year for the first time in a long time I did a tree. It is small, like four foot.  It has an old-fashioned flair.  Most of the “ornaments” are little family keepsakes – small pillows an aunt made, small crocheted slippers another aunt made, tatting that I believe was from my grandmother, little dolls of my grandmothers.  It is in my workroom and since the decor is not quite completed in here I will only show you the little tree today.

100_2334.2 d.100_2327.2I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my home.  Please drop by anytime.  The welcome mat is always out!

Enjoying a Keepsake Christmas in grace,


It’s Beginning to Look A Little Like Christmas

I decorated for Christmas Thursday evening and Friday of last week.  I still have a few ideas I want to incorporate if I decide I’m motivated enough.  If not, then what I have done will be enough.  I’m planning to reveal all of the decor next Monday, but thought I’d give you a sneak peek today.  You will notice touches of lights, silver, old fashioned.

Keep in mind that we have not had sunshine for a few days and a lot of the pictures were taken Friday evening.  Also, I am not a professional photo taker.

I hope you come back next Monday for the full tour.


The wrapping paper has no real significance – they are leftovers from previous years and are now back in the crate. This picture is an in progress shot.



This is a card I found while going through items from an estate.  It spoke to me so I have incorporated it into a tablescape.  You may notice a few touches of pink in my Living room decor this year.  Stay tuned.  Over the past three to four years I have found myself drawn to pink in small doses. Go figure!




Lights showing up around my window and incorporated as part of the curtain this year.  In the picture below you will see a little pair of crocheted slippers.  They were made by my Aunt Carolyn and provide a happy little memory of her when I look at them.


Last year I did not do a tree.  This year I graduated up to a small four foot tree in our workroom.  I love trees, but don’t think they are always necessary to having beautiful decor.  Our main tree is a little the worse for wear and due to the need to breath we don’t do live trees.  I’m not ready yet, to shop for a new tree, it’s just not that high a priority for me.  So we have a little tree with an old-fashioned, use what you have, eclectic flair.





A glimpse of our mantel.  I’m not quite through tweaking it and this may be where a little more pink will make an appearance.  I did use some twine and silver balls to make a little garland to hang above the mantel. It is not a completely original idea as several bloggers have done something similar this year.  Nothing is ever really new.  Just the same thing, said my way.



My little white nativity that I missed last year.  It was in storage.  I love the simplicity of white and lights and a little sparkle.  which is the look I’m going for in the living room.

If there is an overall message that I want my Christmas decor to say to you, it is peace.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of what Christmas looks like at our house.

Christmas grace to you,