It’s In The Bag!


I’ve been somewhat participating in Blogtember this month.  I bowed out a few days and gave myself a long weekend break.  Today’s prompt was fun and I decided to join in, although it is rather late in the day. Click the title below to see what others have in their bag, then come back here to see what’s in my bag.  You can share what’s in your bag in the comments.  Curious eyes want to know.

Tuesday, Sept. 15: What’s in your bag? Pick up your purse and peruse its contents, then share with us!

So, my bag is one big mess a lot of the time.  I start out organized (smaller bags within the larger and everything sorted by type) and it goes really well for awhile, but a hurried “stuff this here” and an “extra paper or receipt there” and well, before too long chaos reigns and I struggle to find what I need.

You can probably find out a lot about a person by the contents of their bag.  Just saying.

Before – all the chaos dumped on the table.

I recently, in anticipation of this post, dumped the contents of my happy orange bag on my kitchen island table.  I then wrote down every item that was in my bag.  They are listed for you here in no particular order:

  1. Used tissue (eww! gross)
  2. A list of questions for my doctor’s appointment
  3. Phone (Samsung flip phone – I’m old school)
  4. Altoids mints – cinnamon
  5. GermX hand sanitizer
  6. Billfold (from a trip my sister took to Argentina)
  7. Trident Gum – cinnamon
  8. A bag of goodies (new toothbrush etc.) from my recent dentist visit
  9. Various and sundry shopping receipts
  10. Camera – Kodak
  11. Stella hand lotion (smells so wonderful)
  12.  A map from Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill
  13. A remembrance card from a recent funeral visitation
  14. Checks
  15. Various ink pens (8 and one sharpie)
  16. Pad of note paper
  17. Sunglasses in case
  18. Hair pick
  19. Copy of lab work from recent doctor’s visit
  20. Old shopping list (grocery items)
  21. Make-up bag:
    1. eye drops
    2. chapstick
    3. dream mousse make-up
    4. eyebrow brush
    5. tweezers
    6. loose change
    7. car keys*
  22. Other Make-up bag:
    1. more checks
    2. notepads (2 more)
    3. more receipts
    4. coupon
    5. calendar
    6. $20
    7. business cards
    8. flash drives
    9. dr. appointment cards
    10. smaller bag with house keys & loose change (*the car keys belong here)

Wow!  That’s a lot of stuff.  Most of which I don’t need, but you know, just in case.  I did throw away a lot of items and sorted through everything else and put things back in their proper place (smaller bags and side pockets), so for a few days all will be well again and I might even be able to find the house keys.

After – everything contained. The lighting is not as good inside the purse, obviously. But, you get the idea. Now, go organize your purse. I dare you.

In other bag news: a new bucket bag just came in the mail this week and soon I’ll be making the switch – here’s hoping it will work for me. I’ll keep you posted. Maybe.

So, really, what’s in your bag – I’d love to know.  Please, please tell me I’m not the only clutter bag out there.

Re-bagging in grace,