31 Days of Word Weaving – Coming Oct 1

October 1 – it begins – 31 Days of Posts on a specific topic.  Read all about it here at Nesting Place and here too.

I wanted to participate last year, but didn’t feel ready.  hmmm……

My thoughts then were that I’d be in better shape this year to write for 31 days – I had plans – to write at least three times per week.  Who’s counting?  Evidently not me.

I had plans to showcase the Little House – aka StoneLeaf Cottage- with before and after pictures and decorating stuff, mixed in with other stuff.  (Not crafty, DIY stuff, because, well, I’m not exactly handy that way – I can dream it up, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.) I did paint two of my six chairs for what was supposed to be my little French Country Dining Room – still in progress, because we now have the stuff from two residences crammed into The Little House – more on that later.  And, I digress….

31 Days of Writing.  I almost decided not to participate again this year.  Because I still don’t feel ready.   Most people write more in one month than I have in the past year (This blog was started on October 9 20ll).

I have oodles of time now.  I’m free most days to stare into space  write to my heart’s content.  I could be posting everyday.  I have plans to focus on my writing during this time of hiatus (While Mr Piano finishes his dissertation).

I imagine myself writing profound nuggets of wisdom that will inspire others, I see myself sitting at my computer clicking away writing, writing, writing.  But, I don’t.  I should, I could, I would, but…..nada.

I want to, I need to, I have to……..and, I will.  For 31 Days beginning October 1. I have to have a beginning and a goal.  Committing to 31 Days of Writing is the discipline I need.

I still don’t have a topic.  I have a list.  In approximately 36 hours I will need to link up and be prepared.  It may be random.  It may just be for the discipline of completing a goal, for making the oodles of time count, for the sake of feeding my soul, for the joy of word weaving and using the gift…

I don’t have a choice anymore I have to write… that’s what I’ll be doing for the month of October – I hope you follow along on the journey and see where it leads.  And to hold me accountable.

Word Weaving in Grace,