Ode to Dishes

If I could choose from a list, anything I wanted to do It would not be dishes.  However, they need to be done so I am thankful to do them.  I am thankful that I have dishes to wash, I am thankful that I have clean hot water all sudsy to wash them in, I am thankful that my hands are steady to hold the dishes.  I am thankful that I have a husband who will be grateful that I have done the dishes this time.  In this way I can serve him and by serving him I am serving our great and wonderful Lord.  So in this moment, doing dishes is my act of worship to my creator.  It is my purpose that helps define my sense of place.  Taking care of family.

The cadence of the silverware on glass is like the rhythm of  a drum line filling the air with praise. As I pause in the moment, I can say this is a gift from my creator.  He knew long ago that I would be here in this moment thanking him for the opportunity to wash a dirty dish that should have been washed yesterday.

Go in Grace,


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