I’ve been meaning to write

This picture has nothing to do with what I havne't written - I just wanted a picture for my post. This is an ongoing project for The Little House. Thought I'd give you a preview picture. More info later.

I’ve been meaning to write. . .

And I will.  This past week has been a time of transition for me and re-grouping.  I was thrown totally off my guard.  Thrown for a loop actually that has left me stymied.  A plan I was on for healthy eating to ultimately lower my cholesterol, backfired.  My numbers were worse than before.  So, after several weeks of giving up meat, dairy and fat I’m at a loss for direction.  I took a few days and very carefully let myself have a few things I’d been giving up.  I plan to stick with the lifestyle changes because I was losing much needed weight and I have had more energy.  I just need to figure out how to  beat the numbers.  More exercise, less sugar (most of my sugar intake is coming from what is naturally in foods.)  If I do everything by the plan and my numbers are worse, what is the next step? I truly felt that this plan was an answer to prayer.  So, I wait on God’s direction for what happens next.  And, I will write.  I mean that.

Go in Grace,


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