Cherokee Park Revisited or Searching For The Fountain Statue

We usually end up in Cherokee Park by accident because we’ve made the wrong turn while circling the statue that sits in the middle of several streets.  Then we take an unplanned drive around the scenic loop and it is quite enjoyable.

Sunday, Mr. Piano and I purposed to go there.  And we eventually made it.  After trailing down several residential streets on the outskirts of the park.  That pesky statue again.  Seems as if our adventures where Cherokee Park are concerned unravel quite by happenstance.  I think I’m ok with that.

This adventure included walking around the scenic loop.  We started at the top of the hill near the water fountain statue (not the same as the one circled earlier).  We started down the hill at an enjoyable pace.  I mutter something about having to walk back up that hill at some point.  There were several others going our way and a few going opposite.  One young lady out walking her poodle, pink leash and all, breezed by and smiled sweetly.  That was about the point that I wondered if we kept following the scenic loop, if we’d eventually end up by the water fountain again.  So, I remarked that she seemed to know where she was going and if we followed her we’d get back to where we started.  She was soon out of our sights.

No problem. Keep walking around a curve or two and across a bridge.  Mr. Piano pointed out a shortcut through the woods.  If we take it we will be going back towards the fountain statue.  Maybe.  Only if we ask someone.  No getting lost in the woods.  Turns out it will bring us back closer to our starting point than continuing the scenic loop.  Hope.

So, against my trepidatious (might be a new word) misgivings of what lurks in yonder wood I reluctantly agree to take the shortcut.  A bridge veers off to the right.  Which way.  The girl with directions said left so we keep going straight down the path as there is no definite left.  A little futher the path splits – a clear left and a clear right.  Which way.  The girl didn’t say, so assume left again. It’s going to be dark soon. Hope we’re out of the woods.  Finally, steps and the scenic loop is in sight again!  Which way.

Forgetting the sage advice I learned while on family adventures as a young gal, which said when in doubt always go left, we chose to go right.  Walking.  Doesn’t feel right.  See that pavilion up on the hill over there. That is not the pavilion by the fountain.  I think the girl must have meant when we come to the end of the path, turn left.  Keep walking.  Wait, there’s the poodle girl walking towards us.  Wow, she has made good time, but shouldn’t we be going the same direction as her?  Follow her.  Of course she is out of sight in a flash.  No mind.  I’m going to ask the next person I meet where the fountain is.

I have failed to mention that for the past several minutes there has been a voice in the woods calling out something that sounds like Ragee.  You need to  know this because……A car whizzes by. Stops.  Begins to back up.  Why is that car backing up.  Why is no one else around.  Wait, another car is coming, he better quit backing up.  Car pulls over.  Guy gets out.  Are we safe.  He wants to know if that woman back there is calling her dog.  I think so.  He hollers to her that her dog is up at the pavilion playing with the kids.

Pavilion.  Question, which way is the fountain from here.  He says we’re almost there.  Just around the corner and up that hill.  Hill. I knew there would be a hill at the end.  Finally, yea!  Fountain.  I need to stop and rest. Catch my breath.  Cool Down.  A guy emerges from the woods.  Says he sees we made it.  Wants to know if we’ve seen the dog woman yet.  No, don’t see the dog either.  Hope they found each other.

Strains of Happy Birthday waft on the air from the pavilion as we slowly make our way back to the car an hour after first walking down the other side of the hill.  Thank God we took the shortcut through the woods or we’d still be circling the scenic loop looking for a statue with a fountain.

We drive slowly down the hill, through the trees, sigh contently and head home knowing that we now belong to Cherokee Park.

Walking in Grace,


2 thoughts on “Cherokee Park Revisited or Searching For The Fountain Statue

  1. I can totally relate to this blog. I am orientation challenged. My late husband, on the other hand, could travel from one state to another and tell you where the next 7-11 restroom was . . .


    1. I just think the entrance to Cherokee Park is confusing. When I’m not intending to go there I end up there and when I want to go there I make a wrong turn. It’s happened more than once!


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