Advent I – Hope

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.  Churches and Homes around the world will light the candle of hope.  This begins the season of anticipation of the arrival of the Christ child.  Of course this is symbolic as we know he came long ago.  For believers this also represents the anticipation of his second coming.

The prophet Isaiah foretold his coming.


Below is a devotional I wrote a few years back for our church Advent devotional book.

Celebrating the “Hope” of Christmas

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

As a child I loved to plan my wish list for Christmas.   I had every faith that I would get what I hoped for.   I knew my parents would do their best to see that my dreams were fulfilled.  And sure enough they did not disappoint. 

Over 2000 years ago we were all given a wonderful gift at Christmas  – one that had been talked about and hoped for and for those who believed their faith was made sure.

A Sandi Patti song tells us that “…the gift goes on, the gift goes on, the gift goes on and on and on…”  I like that –  a gift that keeps on giving year after year – forever.

Not only can we receive this gift of the Christ Child, but we can also share Him with others so that they too can receive the gift that He so freely gives.   Because of our salvation in Him we have an everlasting hope for the future.

Our faith is made sure in our hope of eternal life.   This Christmas, in addition to the other gifts we share with one another, let us purpose to also share the gift of the baby Jesus and bring others along as we celebrate His birth, His ultimate gift of salvation, and the hope of eternal life for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the believer, the celebration begins with His birth and continues through eternity!


Dear Father, thank you for the gift that “goes on and on”; A gift that is for all who will receive.  During this time of celebrating the Birth of Christ, help us to share His hope with others so that their faith too can be made sure.  Amen

Hoping in Grace,


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9 thoughts on “Advent I – Hope

  1. What beautiful words, and so important as you lay out the Gospel in this Advent season! Thank you SO MUCH for linking up with Sacro Speco – it means so much! I have been so, so busy with unpacking after our big move, I’m so sorry I haven’t visited your Sacro Speco linkups in the past weeks – know that they bless me, and I’m so grateful! Blessings to you, friend! 🙂


  2. Hi Teresa,
    This is so beautifully written. I’m very excited to start Avdent this year, for my boys are getting old enough to understand it (at least the older one.) I will share your Advent prayer with my family 🙂
    Yuko from “the Barn”


    1. Thank you – I am hoping to do an advent devotional for each Sunday of advent. What a great tradition to start with your boys.
      I remember you from the barn. Actually, I saw you at the motel on Saturday morning, but wasn’t sure it was you until I saw you again at the barn. I should have asked if you were going to the barn, but let uncertainty keep me from it. 🙂 Your speaking up at the barn about your fears was refreshing and inspirational – you taught me a valuable lesson about being willing to share my heart, especially with people I don’t know. Thank you, and I hope we can keep in touch through this wonderful world of blogs.


  3. Hi – thank you for visiting at my blog, and commenting on a post from so long ago. Appropriate, how it fits with this post, a gift that goes on and on, even years later. Glad to be able to offer encouragement. Thank you for reminding me of that post, too – it is a lesson that needs booster shots!


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